Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

When life goes completely wrong ...

Absolutely shocked and unable to believe, we all must accept that our dear climbing partner and soulmate, who loved the mountains to the fullest, a father, a husband, a brother, an uncle and mountain guide has left us on x-mas day Dec 25th 2012 due to a fatal motorbike accident.

It does not make it easier to accept, but it is very hard to accept that Ngima Grimen Sherpa has lost his life on the Nepali roads whereas he saved many other people's lifes in the Nepalese Himalaya as a mountain guide and rescuer.

His desease will leave a tremendous whole in his family's structure because he was the only one to have a good job to support his family. One of his main goals, to offer his two very young daughters a much better education than he and his wife had, must be taken in our hands.

Please help us supporting his family, which is in greatest need of your help! Also very small donations are more than welcome!

Thank you.

Pascal Manetsch
Founder of Ngima Grimen Sherpa Foundation
One of Ngima's friends

Ngima Grimen Sherpa (1982 - 2012)